2264A joins AMS Neve's Lunchbox series

17th October 2011
AMS Neve is proud to announce the Neve 2264ALB, a recreation of the classic 2264A limiter/compressor in Lunchbox™ format.

This is the third in AMS Neve’s Lunchbox™-ready range and like the others – the 1073LB preamp and its counterpart, the 1073LBEQ – it uses authentic components and circuitry. However, it also embodies a couple of additional features requested by customers during the beta-testing phase.

The original 2264A was released in 1974 and found a ready market both as a channel strip element and as an outboard unit. Neve stopped producing that model many years ago and the original units continue to be highly sought-after on the second-hand market. Recent demand for the module resulted in the relaunch of the 2264A classic module in 2010. The model’s overall popularity, both historic and recent, made it the obvious product choice to engineer into the 500-series format and join AMS Neve’s already impressive Lunchbox™ series.

Like its archetype, this new 2264ALB is hand assembled at Neve’s headquarters in the UK. It uses hand-wound transformers to the original specs, custom-made for AMS Neve and unavailable to any other manufacturer. It also follows the same architecture as, and delivers identical response to the original – and adds a Signal Presence LED for ease of checking status. But there’s more.

“The original 2264A, with a three millisecond attack time, was perfect for tracking,” explains David Walton, AMS Neve’s Product Manager for its outboard range. “But people kept telling us they wanted a 2264 they could use for mixing too. So we’ve fitted a Slow Attack switch, which changes the attack time to 12 milliseconds, allowing a 2264ALB (or a pair) to be used as mix bus compressors, where a slower attack time is desirable.”
The 2264ALB, like the 1073LBEQ, also incorporates Neve’s Audio Processing Insert design, allowing it to inserted between the input and output stages of a 1073LB module. When all three – the 1073LB, 1073LBEQ and 2264ALB – are combined this gives customers the option of a classic Neve channel strip in Lunchbox™ format.

The new unit made its debut at AES 2011 in New York, and is now available to order from Neve Outboard dealers worldwide.

“Judging by reactions to our previous Lunchbox™-format modules,” concludes Walton, “our only problem with the Neve 2264ALB will be to keep up with demand. It’s going to be a busy autumn for us!”