AMS Neve announce Active Faders™ for Genesys & Genesys Black

7th April 2016

AMS Neve is pleased to announce Active Faders™ software for Genesys / Genesys Black at Musikmesse 2016 (Hall 9.1 F24).

Whilst Genesys is already fully equipped with industry standard Encore™ automation, as found on the flagship 88R and DFC consoles, Neve introduces Active Faders™ – putting Neve analogue sound under workstation control. Active Faders™ allows a whole new way of working, this time using the in-built track automation system on the partner digital audio workstation. In this mode, Genesys faders and mutes are controlled directly by the workstation, further enhancing Genesys as the most powerful, integrated and best-sounding centrepiece of the musical creative process.

Active Faders™ is included in version 3.4, build 29+, and will be available from 7th April 2016 to install on all existing Genesys and Genesys Black consoles.