Bridge Studios and their ‘Awesome’ Neve Outboard Collection

3rd January 2014
Bridge Studios is a semi-private recording studio that caters to both local and national music acts. Some recent projects include:  Mandy Harvey, Hannah Holbrook, SHEL, Bonnie and the Clydes, Katey Laurel, Rocky Mountain Children’s Choir, Square Peg, and DPA Microphones.

Paul’s collection of Neve gear includes 8816 Summing Mixer, 3 x 4081s, 2 x 2264ALB and AMS RMX 16! And he speaks highly of all of them…

“My 8816 is really the centerpiece in the control room. From tracking to mixing, I take advantage of everything from the four monitor source controls to the talkback mic. I love mixing smaller projects right from the unit’s control surface! Plus, the Recall software and control allow me to bring back a mix, spot on! But the thing that really brings this unit to the front, I believe, is the two Carnhill transformers in the master buss. In a word, awesome! I hope to someday complete my 8816 with the fader pack for the added features and tactile control.”

“Currently I own three 4081 units giving me a total of twelve 1081 mic/line pres. Having the capability to track 12 channels of drums through the 4081’s is very important to me because of the consistency in sound and that great Neve character.  In the mix I often run tracks back through the 4081’s for added color and warmth. I’m not sure if it’s the class AB circuitry in the unit that softens the transients, but the way it handles the signal is very pleasing to the ear! I also love using the digital control in these units. I don’t even have to turn my head to monitor the input gain, or change them from mic to line in. That’s so cool!”

“I have two of the 2264ALB’s in my 500 rack. They have been strapped across the mix insert on the 8816 for the last year. Once I did this, I knew I had found the missing link. These compressors have such a rich warm sound, they’re just fantastic! I really enjoy the modern features like the signal indicator LED, and being able to link two of them together.  In my setup, these little compressors complete the signal chain in a way no other can.”

“The RMX 16 was one of the first products I was able to purchase, almost ten years ago. I have used it on every album project from that time. The number 8 preset (plate reverb) is my absolute favorite on drums and vocals. There’s something about the limited bandwidth that just sounds natural in a mix. It makes itself known just enough to miss it when it’s not there, and know that it’s just right when it is. I can’t wait to hear the plug-in version when it’s released!”