British Grove hosts Neve Genesys event

18th June 2009

The Neve Genesys console and its designer, Robin Porter, starred in the latest APRS technical showcase, held on 18 June at Mark Knopfler’s British Grove Studios in Chiswick, west London.

The event, with afternoon and evening sessions, was the first in a series of opportunities for UK-based engineers to get an in-depth look at the desk’s full capabilities.

Proceedings at British Grove began with Porter, AMS Neve’s Head of Analogue Design, outlining the philosophy behind Genesys, before going into a section by section exposition of features. This was followed by a brief audio demo, Q&A session and then a chance to get hands on with the desk and to meet representatives from KMR Audio (UK distributor for Genesys) and AMS Neve.

‘After seeing the incredibly positive reaction to this revolutionary new console at British Grove, we’re giving the Genesys pride of place in our re-vamped showroom with its new dedicated listening room,’ commented KMR Audio’s Keith Malin. ‘And we’re very much looking forward to our own event on 30 September [if you want to attend, click here to contact KMR], where once again Robin Porter, the brains behind the console, will be on hand to present the desk and to answer any questions that prospective users might have.’