December’s 1073LB Giveaway Winner!

8th March 2015

“I write and record music for national tv spots and web videos at a post production company in Kansas City. So I have the privilege of working with world class gear at work including an AMS Neve 1073DPD. In my home studio, however, I have a handful of great microphones but I was sorely lacking a solid microphone preamp. So winning the 1073LB was a dream come true. I am currently recording an EP with my band Hotel Radio so the 1073LB showed up at the perfect time. We’ve used it extensively the last couple weeks – tracking guitar amps, acoustics, vocals, drums and tambourine. The preamp sounds fantastic on everything but where it really shines is on vocals. It has that Neve sound I know and love, smooth with a little bit of sparkle.

I seriously can’t believe I won, thank you so much AMS Neve. The 1073LB will be my go to preamp in my home studio for now on. Please keep making awesome products!”