Lead Time

As an industry-leading company who pride ourself on hand-built and quality units, there may be a short lead-time for products. We endeavour to keep you informed if there's any delays with your order and keep you fully updated on the progress. Due to the current global situation, there may be a slightly longer delivery date. 

Please see below for an approximate lead-time on items, when they're not in stock:

1073LB: 1-3 week lead-time. 
1073LBEQ: 3-5 week lead-time. 
2264ALB: 1-3 week lead-time. 
88RLB: 1-3 week lead-time. 
1073DPX: 3-5 week lead-time. 
1073DPX-Digital-Option: 1-3 week lead-time. 
1073N: 1-3 week lead-time. 
1073DPA: 1-3 week lead-time. 
1073DPD: 1-3 week lead-time. 
1073SPX: 3-5 week lead-time. 
1073 Classic H: 6-8 week lead-time.
1073 Classic V: 6-8 week lead-time
1073/1084/2264A 3U rack: 6-8 week lead-time
1073/1084/2264A 5U rack: 6-8 week lead-time
1081 Classic H: 6-8 week lead-time
1081 Classic V: 6-8 week lead-time
1081 3U rack: 6-8 week lead-time
1081 7U rack: 6-8 week lead-time
1084 Classic H: 6-8 week lead-time
1084 Classic V: 6-8 week lead-time
2264A Classic H: 6-8 week lead-time
2264A Classic V: 6-8 week lead-time
1081R Rack: 6-8 week lead-time
1081R Module (Red): 6-8 week lead-time
1081R Module (Air): 6-8 week lead-time
2254/R: 6-8 week lead-time
33609/N: 1-3 week lead-time. 
4081: 1-3 week lead-time. 
4081-Digital-Option: 1-3 week lead-time. 
4081-Rackmount: 1-3 week lead-time. 
8051: 1-3 week lead-time. 
8801: 1-3 week lead-time. 
8801-digital-output-option: 1-3 week lead-time. 
8803: 1-3 week lead-time. 
8804: 1-3 week lead-time. 
8804-side cheeks: 1-3 week lead-time. 
8816: 1-3 week lead-time. 
8816-digital-output-option: 1-3 week lead-time.

AMS RMX16 500 Series Module: 2-4 week lead time.  

Delivery information

We provide free delivery (if the cart value is over £30) to customers in the UK and Europe, using our logistics partners DHL,  FedEx and UPS. Please contact us at your earliest convenience if you have any specific delivery instructions. Thank you.