Future Cut Choose the 1073DPX

24th July 2015

Introducing Future Cut. We recently spoke to them about exactly why they chose to invest in the new Neve 1073DPX, and how they’ve integrated it in to their studio set-up.

Who are Future Cut?

Future Cut is Darren Lewis & Tunde Babalola. We have been a writer / producer / DJ team for around 17 years and have written and produced for artists such as Lily Allen, Shakira, Rihanna, Olly Murs, Little Mix amongst others.

About the Studio

Our studio is based in London and we are now primarily DAW based. We do track bands and are equipped to track around 5 / 6 players simultaneously but it is all done via our UA Apollo and some outboard pre’s and compressors. We have a large control room which is where we spend most of time for both writing and production and the occasional mix. Alongside that we have a medium size live room which we seem to manage to squeeze quite a few people into!

How did you get into the industry?

We started out years ago as drum and bass DJs and producers and made a name for ourselves in that scene still under the future cut moniker. After many years DJ’ing round the world and a [failed] record deal we decided to focus on producing for others. Our first break came in the guise of an unsigned girl from London (we were based in Manchester at the time) called Lily Allen. We wrote and produced the bulk of her first album and the rest is history!

What sort of projects do you typically work on?

We tend to work in the general pop field although that can veer from rhythmic / hip hop / R’n’B / dance and even rock. Although aside from that we recently worked on a project with Simon Cowell where we recorded an entire album live with a 72 piece orchestra at Angel studios with the artists singing live. It was an amazing experience and a real throwback to the days when that was how records were made – real nail-biting stuff with little room for error!

So, why the Neve 1073DPX?

Our pre / EQ of choice for years has been the Neve 1073 anyway, but this new incarnation is the perfect choice for a smallish personal studio like ours. The incredible flexibility of the I/O’s, the metering and that classic Neve sound has made this an invaluable addition to our kit list.

We initially chose the 1073DPX because we were working on a project that was being recorded in another location with some original 1073’s and we knew that we would have to do some minor vocal over dubs back at ours and would need to match the tones as closely as possible. Not only did we manage this seamlessly but we quickly settled on the 1073DPX as our default lead vocal pre.

Another great thing is being able to plug guitars and basses straight into the unit on the front. When we are writing and want to get ideas down, we often DI our bass and guitar and use a plugin like amplitude to get tones quickly and easily. The EQ is so full and sweet that we have gotten great very usable results. We also love the fact that we have two in one unit which apart from the fact means we have two 1073’s means we have a pre that can work in the stereo field to add that incredible EQ to overhead or room mics.

So far we are yet to find any drawbacks! The 1073DPX is like the classic Neve 1073 but reworked for the 21st Century. Match it with any quality mic or instrument for absolute world class sonic quality.

See more about Future Cut here: www.twitter.com/futurecut