Heavy Rain means awards continue to flood into Abbey Road

22nd May 2011

They might be designated as leisure activities, but producing the soundtracks for video games is big business. Gone are the days when a cheap synth and a bedroom studio would cut it.

These days, with ever-more sophisticated visuals and storylines, the audio needs to be top-flight too. So when it comes to the score, that means using big-name composers, professional orchestras, and the best studios money can buy – Abbey Road, for instance.

Studio One was the venue recording and mixing Normand Corbeil’s score for Heavy Rain, a top-selling murder-mystery video game with a film noir atmosphere. Jonathan Allen was the engineer operating the Abbey Road’s SP-2 scoring panel-equipped Neve 88RS console.

The importance of the market, and the craftsmanship involved, are underlined by the high profile awards ceremonies celebrating artistic achievement in video game production. BAFTA has its own video game section, with Heavy Rain picking up trophies at the 2011 ceremony for best story, technical innovation and –acknowledging Corbeil’s artistry and Abbey Road and Allen’s technical excellence – original music.

As well as the BAFTA, Corbeil’s soundtrack also scored at the 2011 Interactive Achievement Awards, taking first place in the Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition category.