Inspirational Sound for the Inspirational True Story – ‘Philomena’

2nd September 2013

Falling pregnant as a teenager in Ireland in 1952, Philomena Lee was sent to the convent of Roscrea to be looked after as a “fallen woman”.  When her baby was only a toddler, he was whisked away by the nuns to America for adoption. Philomena spent the next fifty years searching for him in vain.

The sound for ’Philomena’ was premixed virtually on the AMS Neve DFC Gemini by Chris Burdon and Doug Cooper at WB De Lane Lea, using the console as a monitoring and summing path. In the final mix, Chris used the automation to mix dialogue and music on the left partition and 2x 5.1 busses were fed into the right partition to create the FX and Atmos stems within the console. The DFC Gemini was used for summing to create all master domestic deliverables, foreign deliverables, DVD and TV versions.


The trailer for ‘Philomena’ also got the Neve treatment – mixed by Raja Sehgal at GCRS using the DFC Gemini.