March 1073LB Giveaway Winner!

1st June 2014

“Oh my god! Can’t believe I’ve got my Neve 1073LB! Wow, it’s a stunning sensation for me because Neve products have always been among my favourite gears! I am firmly convinced that the top notch quality of AMS Neve products has positively influenced and marked all the best artistic creations of my career, definitely. As a professional guitarist and as a producer, too, I’m totally in love with AMS Neve’s construction philosophy. Thanks to Neve, incredible results have already been achieved during harp and drum rec sessions at Teatro delle Voci of Treviso (one of the best main studios in Europe) and the 1073LB has helped to push our final quality sound limit! You can trust me when I say that all the guys working at Teatro delle Voci have been impressed by AMS Neve’s easiness to touch astonishing sound craft levels. So AMS Neve, keep on making divine sound machines and keep on making my job easier and better.”