Mixing with Intelligence

30th November 2011

Anyone scanning the list of top-grossing movies will realize that AMS Neve’s flagship Digital Film Console (DFC) is the gold standard for film-mixing. It’s found on the top dubbing stages in Hollywood, London, Bollywood, and beyond. But AMS Neve also has plenty to offer the smaller post production facility.

Hackenbacker, for example, doesn’t have a DFC – it opted instead for theMMC Multimedia Console, a more compact solution that is nonetheless fully spec’d for film, TV, DVD, music and multimedia. And Hackenbacker’s track record proves the MMC’s credentials – the London-based post production facility continues to win awards, not only for movies such as SubmarineFour Lions and The Girl With A Peal Earring but for TV productions such as Downton Abbey and Any Human Heart.

“AMS Neve consoles have contributed hugely to the signature sound of the programme”

Among its longest-running projects – and another multiple award-winner – wasSpooks (known in the US and France as MI-5), the sound for all but one of the ten series being mixed on Hackenbacker’s MMC. The last episode aired in the UK in October, but the series is still running in almost every other country across the globe, and is now available on DVD.

‘AMS Neve consoles have contributed hugely to the signature sound of the programme,’ commented Hackenbacker’s Nigel Heath. ‘The complexity, density and intensity of the soundtrack and the need for clarity of the dialogue, much of it ‘covert’, provided some challenging mixing situations. These were met with ease by the processing on the consoles, the dynamics section in particular saving our bacon on many occasions whilst in turn adding a real sonic ‘punch’ when needed!’

Hackenbacker’s recent workload includes Hustle, for which the eighth and final series begins on January 6, 2012, BBC Three’s Lip Service and the forthcoming BBC One four-parter, Inside Men.