Musician Bob Kidby expands private studio with Genesys

14th August 2015

Musician/producer Bob Kidby, co-owner of Stupid Music Ltd, has expanded his personal production space, adding a Neve Genesys G32 to his studio located in his private residence.

“I retired as a lawyer five years ago mainly with the intention of setting up my own studio. Having played lead guitar in bands since 1963, I have always been involved in the recording process,” says Kidby.

“The studio I now have is professional by way of microphones/instruments/outboard, but the original mixing console I had was not of the same top quality.

“My friend and business partner, Tim Blanchard, and I decided we needed a top-of-the-range console to complete the studio. When it came down to it, there was only one desk that did just what we wanted – the Neve Genesys – which we bought through The Studio Shop. We were very well advised along the way by Adam Pierce of Sound Network and the three of us decided the need was to combine digital ease of use and plenty of good external hardware with analogue warmth. The cabling was all done with the help of our good friends at VDC.”

Since the installation, the studio has been incredibly busy with both personal and professional projects including Kidby’s own band, Clarence King & The Regents (swing/ska/blues/jazz) album.