Neve 1073N standalone mono mic preamp & EQ module

7th April 2013
AMS Neve announces the Neve 1073N, a brand new evolution of the Neve classic 1073 mic preamp & EQ module. This unit uses identical circuit design and can be used just like the classic 1073 to deliver the unmatched vintage Neve sound.
However, thanks to modern manufacturing techniques first brought to market with the popular Neve 1073LB & 1073LBEQ 500-series modules, the Neve 1073N can also operate in standalone mode with great new features, delivering a new level of flexibility and accessibility to audio engineers and producers.

Manufactured at AMS Neve’s headquarters in Burnley, UK, to exactly the same dimensions as its classic counterpart, the 1073N can be inserted into any existing Neve console or enclosure that accepts the 1073 classic module and used in the traditional way. However, the new 1073N contains not only the original style connector to allow retrofit into treasured consoles, but also an external PSU, meaning it can also be used entirely on its own without any console or rack. The 1073N now enjoys Mic, Line and DI inputs on the rear panel, line level output and can provide +48V phantom power.

John Turner – designer at Neve since the very early days of the Company – comments: “We are really proud of the 1073N. We have listened exhaustively to it in addition to benchmarking the specifications to ensure the sound is exactly the same as the hand-wired classic 1073 that I worked on in 1970. At the same time it has been brought completely up to date with great additional features to make it the perfect portable recording workhorse for the way the best music is captured today. A great new Neve product in true classic Neve style.”

For more information, please see the 1073N webpage