Reach for the Sky(walker)!

22nd August 2011
Life was tough in the wild west. Guns… feuds… gambling… sheriffs… Indians… and, of course, the ever-present problem of aliens abducting the townsfolk. And when you came to film such other-worldly goings on you’d want a dubbing studio with experience of extra-terrestrial audio.

No surprise, then, that DFC-equipped Skywalker Sound was chosen for sound design and pre-dubbing mixes on the smash hit Cowboys & Aliens. Dialogue and music were mixed by Oscar-winner Lora Hirschberg, assisted by Scott R. Lewis.

Harry Gregson-Williams’s score, meanwhile, was recorded on the Neve 88R at the Sony scoring stage, with Malcolm Luker engineering.

AMS Neve consoles: helping defeat aliens since 1873.