Rixton’s Danny Wilkin chooses 1073LB

4th December 2014

Rock Hard Music Group is Blackpool’s Premier Recording and Rehearsal Studio, playing host to up and coming artists such as Rae Morris, Darlia and Karima Francis.

Most recently, promising U.K. singer/songwriter James Edgar joined the growing list, recording his debut EP during an intensive two-and-a-half-weeks at RHMG, with friend and Rixton keyboardist/bassist, Danny Wilkin, and engineer Dan Atkinson (owner of RHMG).

Danny said he knew instantly that only 1073s would give him the quality of sound he wanted for the EP, and had specially requested the 1073LBs on the recommendation of one of Rixton’s engineers. “I picked Neve because I wanted to get a powerful and very clean sound from the live drums. James’ music is quite country driven in parts and I knew the organic sound from the kit would really compliment the style. The 1073LBs were absolutely lovely – they really add the shine to the tracking process and are definitely now my “go-to” pre when tracking.”

Engineer Dan Atkinson said, “We were blown away by the 1073s. We used them in every signal chain from all of the drums to acoustic guitars, bass, and most importantly James’ vocal chain. They were super crisp, warm and delicate. We were using a couple of Royer R121 Ribbons on the project and the 1073s made the ribbons come alive. The classic Neve sound and Neve build quality in a tidy 500 series module what’s not to like, these things will blow you away!! They make the subtleties of tracking acoustic guitar perfectly transparent and can handle the SPL of tracking drums beautifully, so so much headroom!”