RMIT choose Genesys

14th March 2012

The 24-fader (48-input) console, fitted with Automation, digitally controlled 1084 EQ and classic 1073 microphone preamplifiers, forms the centre of the recording and mixing aspects of the studio and provides a radical shift to production workflow and sonic results.

Anthony Norris – Teacher & Selection Officer, RMIT University Sound Production, Melbourne, Australia:

“We chose the Neve Genesys after many months of research investigating the different consoles available to us within our budget ($100k AU).  What attracted all of the teaching staff to the Genesys was the Neve sound and history, along with the communication with our most popular DAW systems.

The look of the console is also a real factor and the Neve does look beautiful in Studio 1 here at RMIT;

Installation was an interesting process, taking 5 days in all. However, most of the work was on the existing room and patchbays requiring updating and re-wiring, not the console itself.  Once in position, which required a little bit of wood-work and perspiration the integration of the Genesys was incredibly fast and simple.  DB25 pin connectors for most looms meant that time spent actually connecting the console to the studio space was minimal.

The change to the workflow and teaching possibilities has altered incredibly with the advent of the Genesys: Students (and Staff) get to benefit from a world-class studio environment and real-world scenarios

RMIT Sound Production now offers students a studio and recording experience that can be compared to any professional large-format facility in the country”.