Room 6 mix with Genesys

5th June 2015

North London acoustic pop/R&B group Room 6 released their first EP at the O2 Academy in Islington last night (4 June). The First Step, recorded in the band’s own purpose-built studio, was mixed on their new Genesys console (pictured). “The sound and feel of the Neve Genesys was just perfect for us,” comments guitarist Shahi Ghani. “The 1073 mic pres are legendary, and you can see why – the difference between our old and new recordings are like black and white. The pre-amps sound gorgeous on vocals, and on drums they give such warmth.

“We also opted for the desk Dynamics and 88R-style EQ. The Dynamics are perfect for drum tracks: the compression and gate used in the desk is so musical and achieves a tight punchy sound without being saturated in that characteristic Neve warmth.” Space was an issue in a one-room studio where fan noise had to be minimised – another factor in choosing the 16-channel Genesys.

Ghani continues: “Thanks to the nature of the inline desk and secondary input function for the monitor path, even with 16 channels your final mix can actually be spread across the desk over 32 channels. That was really important for us in achieving the perfect mix “The more I use [the desk] the more intuitive it feels and the more I love it. My knowledge of recording consoles was limited before we used the Genesys, but thanks to the nature of the desk it didn’t take long at all for me to feel very comfortable sitting behind the beast”.