See us at Musikmesse 2012

14th March 2012

A 24-fader, 48-input Neve Genesys will be on display, showing all of the latest features including full 5.1 mixing on each channel strip and Nuendo/Cubase DAW Control + ProTools/Logic Track Arming/Automation Modes.

* True LCR panning on Channel and Monitor paths: allows 5.1 mixing on each strip.

* Remote control of outboard mic preamps from the Genesys surface

* GUI Improvements: New Main Screen and Buttons

* New: Channel Processing (ORD) via Genesys Software

* Auto TB Fixes/Updates/Improvements

* TB Output Enable added

* “Check for updates” feature added to System Screen to allow Genesys software to be updated to the latest version by end user.

* PLAY/REC (Punch-in) updates to DAW Transport control

* DAW Screen updates/improvements

* Updates: Pro Tools + Apple Logic DAW Control

  – Enable Track Arming (REC) added with “CHAN” button

  – Change Automation Modes added with “AUTO” button

  – Plugins/Inserts control added with PLI button (Logic)

  – DAW Screen shows Automation/REC modes (Logic)

  – General enhancements

* NEW: Steinberg Neundo/Cubase DAW Control:

  – Control of up to 48 tracks

  – Extensive control of Pans/Sends/Plugins

  – Solo/Mute control

  – DAW Metering

  – ‘Flip Mode’ to flip Pans/Sends/Plugins onto Faders

  – Channels Encoder in DAW simulates V-Pot

  – Enable Track Arming (REC) with “CHAN” button

  – Change Automation Modes with “AUTO” button

  – Plugins/Inserts control with PLI button

  – Change Timecode display with Bars+Beats/TC button

  – DAW Screen shows Automation/REC modes

  – Full Transport Control PLAY/STOP/REW/FF/REC

  – Fader Banking for complete session control

Various Neve outboard units will also be available for demonstration;