September’s 88RLB Giveaway Winner!

8th December 2013

“I do FOH for bands like Dabu Fantastic, Halunke, Lo & Leduc, Manillio, Männer am Meer and the whole Glanton Gang. I am really happy about winning the AMS Neve preamp 88RLB.
I’ve been thinking about whether I should use 500 series modules live, and a Neve preamp is still the best reason to start. So far my preamps were not so important, the sound of the concert is always the combination of different factors such as PA, space, musicians, or preamps of the mixing desk, but I always use the console of the venue and so I don’t have the direct comparison if the preamps are good or better. But the 88RLB on my Money Channel compared to the preamps of the mixing desk is just crazy! The sound is very natural and I like the heights! The voice, from the beginning – even without EQ sounds really great!

The preamp is now an inseparable part of my side rack and makes my job so much easier!”