Sound Team turns to Neve DFC Gemini for critically acclaimed horror film ‘The Canal’

15th May 2014

“THE CANAL sits on the viewer’s shoulders as a legacy of domestic horror film sits on its own; an unnerving, dread-fuelled piece of work”

‘The Canal’, an Irish made horror film recently premiered at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival and since, pioneering independent music, film and video distribution company, The Orchard, has acquired all U.S. and Canadian rights to the film. Critics have called it ‘An Intelligent Horror Film with Thriller Tendencies, Expert Use of Sound and Mind Blowing Outcomes’.

The Canal was mixed on a Neve DFC Gemini at Dublin based Egg Post Production. Patrick Drummond, a Hollywood veteran sound supervisor led the team, with Aza Hand creating the immense sound design and Colm Mullaly crafting the atmospheres, FX and Foley.

All Dialog, Foley and Fx where premixed on the Neve DFC using on board EQ and Dynamics with the aid of a TC 6000 reverb unit. The entire 5.1 final mix was created by Aza Hand on the DFC using 12 stereo Music stems provided by the composer.

Sound designer/mixer, Aza Hand stated, “The Neve DFC is an outstanding console. The EQ and Dynamics are precise and powerful and the automation and visual feedback are second to none. The extremely smooth response of the fader’s far surpass the DAW equivalent and working on a console like this removes the technical obstacles between you and the sound and really allows creativity to flourish. The Neve DFC is the heart of our mixing stage here at EGG.”
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