6th December 2013

“My name is Alex Thomas and I’m currently playing drums for John Cole and Anna Calvi. In the past I’ve played drums for people such as Air, Asia, Au Revoire Simone, Ayumi Hamasaki, Badly Drawn Boy, Bat for Lashes, Bolt Thrower, Jarvis Cocker, New Young Pony Club, Philip Selway (Radiohead) & Square Pusher… amongst others.
I also have a drum recording studio in North London where I do recording sessions for many of the people mentioned above and on a freelance basis.
I have the Neve 4081 unit (and would like to add another next year) and I use this for recording the kick, snare and overheads in my recording set up. The second to none sound quality and handy automation makes it the best unit around for what I do, and always delivers amazing results.”