SPOTLIGHT ON: Grammy Award-Winner, Moogie Canazio

1st December 2014

“For most of my career, I’ve been an (almost) exclusive Neve console engineer / producer. When time came for a summing mix decision, I started and ended my research with the Neve 8816 and I’m very glad I did. The reason? Most importantly the sonic personality of the unit – it is, for me, the most pleasant and when you are happy with what you hear it makes you improve your musical focus. All my projects start and end with the 8816. Right now, I have 3 units in my room and recently I finished a record with a Brazilian artist (his 14th album) and my approach was a 1950’s concept with 2014 sonics, an acoustic project, orchestra, Ac Guitar and vocals and the 8816 enriched all the tones and natural ambiance that I was aiming for. I like the Neve 8816 because of its exceptional sonic personality , I’m a believer that the shortest distance between point A and point B it is a straight short line, and that is why I love my 8816s.”