Every AMS Neve product has been manufactured to the very highest standards, to ensure an exhilarating performance and exacting finish.  


To help maintain this level of performance, AMS Neve offers a comprehensive after sales service, available through the worldwide network of authorised Dealers.
Expert, factory trained technicians, with the latest technical and diagnostic equipment will help to maintain the condition of your AMS Neve equipment, fitting only genuine parts or accessories approved by AMS Neve.

Because every AMS Neve product is a thoroughbred, every part is engineered or handcrafted with the AMS Neve pedigree in mind and we do our utmost to ensure that the value of your console is never compromised by only using genuine parts.

With over 50,000 genuine parts in stock, and delivery to the authorised AMS Neve Dealer network in 43 countries, AMS Neve offers the ultimate service solution.
We go to great lengths to provide this service, and our technicians take great pride in ensuring that every single AMS Neve console continues to deliver to the exact performance standards that went into the original design. This is why they are so insistent in their recommendation of the use of only AMS Neve Genuine Parts.

Designed and manufactured to the same specification as the original, safety, sonic quality and reliability are never compromised, with each part backed by a comprehensive parts warranty. And since many AMS Neve products live on to become collectors’ favourites, only parts of true AMS Neve origin can guarantee the pedigree and longer-term value of your pride and joy.