Taramalin Sound Upgrades to Genesys

1st September 2013
The complete refurbishment of the Queensland-based music studio, Taramalin Sound, recently saw the company upgrade their main console too – choosing none other than the Neve Genesys – a 16 channel input 8 x 1073 and 8 x 88RS with 32 returns with Neve 88R EQ and Encore Automation.

Taramalin Sound’s Technical Director, Allan Gilmore, stated: “When I first started looking for a new console for the Taramalin Sound control room there were many choices and at first my thoughts were the Neve Genesys was not up to the task. On further investigation and communication with the Australian dealer Audio Chocolate, I could see that it was just what was required.”

“Neve mic press and the Neve sound have been a big favourite for many years. Once the console was installed there was no turning back as every turn was an education and another pleasant surprise to the quality and flexibility of this masterpiece during tracking sessions and mixing. The console is a credit to the team at Neve for designing and constructing a wonderful piece of equipment that has improved the quality of work and workflow out of sight.”

“We have completed many projects over the past 23 years of varied and interesting styles. Current projects include: Nathan Murphy (Alternate Album #2) Steve Skinner (Blues Album #5) Julian Jones (Jazz Album #1) Shaun Marshall (Pop Rock Album #1) Ben Kerswell (Modern Rock Album #1& #2) The Trophy Brides (Rockabilly Blues #2) Pageboy Music (Electronica #1).”

For more information, check out: http://www.taramalin.com.au/