The Sound of SPECTRE

10th November 2015

It’s already being hailed as the best Bond film ever, but the reason the world’s most famous spy sounds so good in ‘SPECTRE’ is down to world-class studios, world-class engineers and, of course, their world-class AMS Neve mixing consoles – which made sure the action scenes (more of them than ever in ‘SPECTRE’) sound so impressive.

The much anticipated release of the latest Bond adventure not only delighted legions of fans across the world, but means that once again, AMS Neve and Bond are inextricably linked.

Following on from the success of ‘Skyfall’, Thomas Newman’s soundtrack was recorded in the famous Abbey Road Studio 1 on their 72-channel 88RS console, along with the orchestration for Sam Smith’s theme song, “Writing’s on the Wall”.

The final mix was done by re-recording mixers Scott Millan and Greg Rudloff with Per Hallberg as supervising sound editor on Warner Bros De Lane Lea’s Stage 1 DFC Gemini console.

The behind-the-scenes vlog from the set of SPECTRE focuses on singer/songwriter Sam Smith’s theme song, ‘Writing’s On The Wall.’
“For me, the most timeless thing you can do, outside of making your own records… is Bond. It’s the most timeless, classiest thing to me there is to do,” says Sam Smith.