Tomorrow’s Engineers Week: Many Creative Opportunities – One Direction…

30th October 2013

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) has joined forces with the wider engineering community to organise a week of activity which will showcase all the exciting businesses and industries that rely on the work of creative engineers.

‘Tomorrow’s Engineers Week’ (4th – 8th November 2013) will provide the opportunity for young people to discover the extraordinary range of possibilities a career in engineering can bring.

Burnley’s professional audio equipment company, AMS Neve Ltd – whose designs have won the firm and its engineers two Scientific and Technical Oscars®, Grammy® and Emmy® awards for advancing the art and science of sound – has welcomed this opportunity to encourage youngsters into the very satisfying and creative career of engineering, through which they can shape how tomorrow’s world looks, sounds and works.

In a bid to encourage young people to engage and experiment with computer technology, AMS Neve Ltd is donating a set of ten Raspberry Pi computers, plus the necessary screens and other peripherals, to Burnley’s Thomas Whitham Sixth Form for project use and experimentation by its students. The Raspberry Pi was created out of an initiative at Cambridge University Computer Laboratory and is a credit-card sized computer which can be interfaced externally at a core level and is therefore a great training tool.

Mark Crabtree, Managing Director of AMS Neve said, “The continuing trend towards the closed nature of PCs and tablets has been leading a generation to lose the easily accessible opportunity of getting a feel for, and gaining the great satisfaction and adventure of using computers to create technology as opposed to simply consuming content. Tomorrow’s engineers need hands-on experience inside the technology to be equipped to push forward the boundaries of engineering design, enabling Britain to continue to punch above its weight on the world stage in the years to come.”

Kath Yates (Senior Tutor, Thomas Whitham) commented “These computers will be an invaluable resource for our students for use both within the curriculum, and in extra-curricular activities. The majority of our students have not had any opportunity to experiment with such technology and indeed have grown up with little experience of using construction and design toys. We are indebted to Mark Crabtree and AMS for their generosity and support.”

Thomas Whitham’s students will also be supported in their projects by AMS Neve’s digital mixing console designers and invited to the Company’s R&D labs to see how embedded computing is applied in this exciting field. Consoles designed by AMS Neve engineers have provided the mixing tools used to create the best music and sound for most recent Oscar ® winning films – including Avatar, Skyfall  and “One Direction: This Is Us”.