Trypoul brings Neve sound to The Netherlands

29th January 2016

Trypoul Studios, situated in the south east of the Netherlands, near Eindhoven, recently opened their doors with several major Dutch and international artists already finding their way to the impressive, newly-built recording facility.

The recording Hall is the largest of 7 recording areas and measures 200 square meters and is suitable for groups up to 50 musicians as well as bands and solo artists.  The facility has one central machine room and therefore any combination of control rooms (of which their are three) and recording areas are possible.
The contemporary main room houses a 60-channel AMS Neve 88RS console, with an Encore Plus automation system, ‘ Total Recall ‘ supplemented by an ATC SCM 200ASL pro-monitors-system. For each project, Trypoul prides themselves on providing the ‘right tools’, and boasts a wide selection of classic outboard including 1081s, 1073s, 1084s, 2264s and 2254 modules the 33609 and 8051 compressor.
Studio owner, Dirk Joosten states that  Trypoul Recording Studios is one of the most technically advanced recording and mixing facilities of the Netherlands. “[We have a] great microphone collection, and a unique blend of vintage equipment and modern tools which helps to make every recording sound exactly the way you want it to sound.  If you want to go analogue and you want the best, you will need a 88RS.’

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