Tuff Gong Studios joins the Neve family with Genesys Black

2nd August 2015

Tuff Gong International, founded by Jamaican superstar Bob Marley in 1965, has selected the Neve Genesys Black G32 – the first in Jamaica – for its iconic recording studio, attracting artists, musicians and producers from around the world.

Tuff Gong was originally based on Orange Street before moving to 56 Hope Road, which is now the home of the Bob Marley Museum, The Bob Marley Theatre, The Queen of Sheba Restaurant and Things from Africa Boutique.

The company subsequently moved to 220 Marcus Garvey Drive, and includes a recording studio, mastering room, stamper room, pressing plant, cassette plant, wholesale record shop, booking agency, as well as offices for Rita Marley Music and Ghetto Youths International.

The famous Tuff Gong International studio is one of the largest Caribbean studios and is the birthplace of some of Bob Marley’s greatest work including ‘Redemption Song’, ‘Iron Lion Zion’, and ‘One Love’, just to name a few – and is said to have a vibe conducive to creativity, and this is now enhanced with the addition of Genesys Black, currently the only one in the Caribbean.

Tuff Gong manager, Debbie Bisson stated, “We are very happy to have installed our new board and [AMS Neve] have been excellent all the way.”

Find out more at http://tuffgong.com/