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Genesys G3D

Integrated Analogue Mixing in Three Dimensions

Genesys 3D is the world’s first object-based hardware and software platform, allowing for three-dimensional analogue mixing directly from the console surface.

G3D Overview

Dolby Approved System

Our Engineers have worked closely with the team at Dolby to devise and approve a unique and intuitive control system, allowing Dolby Atmos mixing directly from the Genesys G3D console surface.

New Workflow Possibilities

By using a single piece of hardware, Genesys G3D users can track, overdub, mix in stereo AND mix in Dolby Atmos. This provides a “one-stop-shop” for all aspects of modern mixing.

Dolby Atmos Mixing

The new I/O mapping method allows the Genesys analogue channel strips (including EQ dynamics processing, outboard insert paths and analogue fader motions), to be utilised to mix analogue audio in three-dimensions. This is the first time this has been possible on a Neve analogue console!

Hardware & Software Enhancements

Our Neve Engineers have devised a unique combination of both hardware and software enhancements to the Genesys/Genesys Black Consoles, creating an intuitive platform for three-dimensional mixing.

Digital Control Framework

The Genesys/Genesys Black is the only studio console featuring soft switching and controls. This system allows for multiple internal and external uses, including the new Dolby Atmos Renderer control options.

Futureproof Your Console

The G3D system is available to purchase as a new made-to-order console.

G3D Hardware

Touch-Sensitive Encoders

The G3D system introduces four touch-sensitive encoders, ideal for automating object positions from the console surface.

Intuitive Visual Feedback

Each encoder is stepped, providing ultimate accuracy when controlling object positions. Additionally, it features a 30-segment LED halo to indicate object positioning and touch indication LEDs for immediate visual feedback.

Dedicated RMU Controls

The G3D hardware panel features a new bank of switches, dedicated to remotely controlling the Dolby Atmos Renderer. Engineers can quickly toggle the renderer input and master tabs, and record arm the renderer master track from the console surface.

3D Monitor Attenuation

The G3D hardware panel includes a new 3D monitor attenuation mode. This mode enables the console’s control room monitor encoder to remotely control the Dolby Atmos Renderer’s main output attenuation control with visual feedback provided by the CRM numeric display.

Dolby Renderer Muting

The dedicated bank of renderer control switches includes mute, dim, object and bed mute controls, further integrating the Dolby Atmos workflow into the console surface.

Binaural Headphone Monitoring

By harnessing the power of the console’s flexible digital routing system, the binaural headphone render from the Dolby Atmos Renderer can feed directly into the console’s headphone amplifier, allowing for integrated binaural monitoring from the console surface.

G3D Software

Object Metadata Control

G3D is an object-based system, allowing for the acquisition and control of up to 118 objects available to the Dolby Atmos Renderer. All acquired objects can be positioned in three-dimensional space from the object panning window via a combination of control methods.

Mono/Stereo Objects

Objects can be assigned as mono or stereo objects from the console surface and can follow manual X/Y/Z positioning or can follow three auto-Z shapes (Sphere, Wedge, Ceiling). Stereo objects have three mirroring options (None, X, Y or XY) that allow for creative positioning of stereo objects from the console surface.

Dolby Atmos Client

The G3D system functions as a Dolby Renderer Remote Client. When connected to the LAN, the console transmits object metadata to the renderer and can acquire any available object on the network.

Integrated Loudspeaker Control

The G3D system includes an intuitive loudspeaker control system designed to control the output channels of a connected StarNet ADA16 remotely. This software control system enables individual speaker cuts & solos, and loudspeaker channel grouping for isolating fixed or custom groups of loudspeakers.

Pristine D/A Outputs

The external 19″ rack unit – The StarNet ADA16 forms an integral part of the G3D system, functioning as the main D/A converter for the Atmos loudspeaker outputs. The ADA16 uses pristine D/A conversion chips, producing a huge dynamic range and flat frequency response beyond the audible range.

9.1.6 Configuration Support

Dolby Atmos loudspeaker configurations of 7.1.4, 9.1.4 and 9.1.6 via the G3D and ADA16 hardware are fully supported, enabling Dolby Atmos for Music mixing in any studio configuration.

Object Automation

Object Plugin Control

The GenesysControl plugin features a new object control panel, allowing control of selected objects within the DAW. Object controls are mirrored between the Genesys G3D application and GenesysControl Plugin, allowing for a combination of possible workflows.

Plugin-Style Automation

By harnessing the power of the GenesysControl plugin, object positions and parameters can be automated from the DAW timeline, allowing for a centralised DAW workflow controlled from the console surface.

Genesys Touchscreen Automation

The Genesys computer touchscreen can be utilised to create automation moves for selected objects, providing a fast, and intuitive user interface for three-dimensional mixing.

Complete Object Control

The G3D system allows for automation of all 118 objects, regardless of the Genesys analogue channel count. The GenesysControl plugin allows for ‘focused objects’ that pass through the Genesys analogue channel strips to be automated alongside ‘non-focused objects that are processed within the DAW.

Simple Session Management

The new plugin features, including an object assignments window, provide a simple user interface for DAW session management.

64-Bit Operating System

Genesys G3D operates on a new 64-bit operating system, providing plenty of computing overhead for the enhanced controls included in the G3D system.

G3D System Overview

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