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AMS, Neve and AMS Neve have won countless awards for advancing the art and science of sound for music, film and TV.

2 x Technical Oscars

The Academy of Motion Picture, Arts & Sciences has presented AMS Neve with two Technical Oscars. The Scientific & Engineering Award recognises the design and development of the AMS Neve Digital Film Console for motion picture sound mixing. The second Technical Oscar was presented for significant contribution to the ‘Evolution of Digital Audio Editing for Motion Picture Post-Production’ through the concept and design of AMS AudioFile.

1 x Technical Grammy Award

The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences honours AMS Neve with a Technical Grammy Award for ‘Pioneering a New Level of Recording Quality and Ease of Operation’ – taking digital recording to new heights.

1 x Emmy Award

The Emmy Award honours AMS for pioneering achievement in the development of digital audio workstation technology for Television Broadcasting.

4 x Queens Awards for Export Achievement

The companies have continually exported a large proportion of their advanced technology products to their international market, with 80% of output currently exported to over 90 countries worldwide. This has been recognised with four Queen’s Awards for Export Achievement.

11 x TEC Awards

1987 – ‘Console Technology’ – V Series Console, 1989 – ‘Console Technology’ – Neve Flying Faders, 1990 – ‘Console Technology’ – Neve VR Series – and – ‘Recording Product of the Year’ – Neve VR Series, 1993 – ‘Recording Console Technology’ – Neve Capricorn, 2006 – ‘Mic Preamplifier Technology’ – Neve 1073DPD – and – ‘ Large Format Console Technology’ – Neve 88D, 2016 – ‘Signal Processing Software (Effects)’ – AMS RMX16 Digital Reverb Plugin, 2017 – ‘Microphone Preamplifiers’ – 1073DPX, 2021 – ‘Signal Processing Hardware (500 Series Modules)’ – RMX16 500 Series – and – ‘Large Format Console’ – 8424 Console

6 x Sound on Sound Awards

2015 – 1073 Classic, 2016 – 1073DPX, 2017 – 1073DPX, 2019 – 1073SPX with  two special awards for the 1073 Series and the 1073 Classic.