AMS RMX16 500 Series

Legendary Reverb Returns 

"Neve Consoles are the Rolls-Royce of the industry... you've got to do the right thing by your business"
- Sir George Martin
"I've used Neve from the beginning..."
- 23-time Grammy Winner, Al Schmitt
"I am always asked, how did you get your mix to sound like that? The answer is simple: Neve"
- Ricco Lumpkins (Public Enemy, Outkast)

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Iconic Neve Sound 
Connect your microphone or line level signals and inject that legendary sound into your audio creations.
Legendary status in the palm of your hand. 

Latest News

LIPA Installs A Neve Genesys Console As Part Of Its Ongoing Upgrade Plan

The renowned educational establishment has replaced a long serving old desk in Studio 1 with a state of the art Neve Genesys G32. 

Carlos Rodgarman Adds Prestige To His Studio By Installing A Genesys Black

The renowned producer,composer and arranger is discovering so many benefits from working with AMS Neve technology that he has already expanded his console with additional channels

AMS Neve Launches A New Hardware Version of The Iconic RMX16

Nearly 40 years since making its debut on the professional recording scene, the iconic AMS RMX16 Digital Reverberation System is being relaunched in hardware format as part of AMS Neve’s popular rack mounted 500 Series.

AMS Neve and Westlake Pro Unveil Exclusive New Demo Suite

AMS Neve and Westlake Pro have partnered to create the first AMS Neve Showroom in the US. Located at Westlake Pro’s headquarters in North Hollywood, the space provides an environment for clients to listen to the entire AMS Neve product portfolio.