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A Word from the Top


My passion, and that of my team, is to design and make the best possible audio products.

I have been deeply in love with music and electronics from primary school onwards. This eventually flowered into the formation of AMS (Advanced Music Systems) in 1976 to harness aerospace technology to establish new vistas in music production. Later this flowed into TV and Film post-production, and we set many pioneering techniques and processes.

In 1961 Rupert Neve, also an inventive engineer, founded his first Company and rapidly became a byword for the best in analogue design.  A large proportion of both Neve and AMS products ever made are still serving our creative partners daily and, like good wine, are found to have great depth and ever more sought after.   The sonic fingerprint of both these companies’ products is found everywhere and has become very widely loved.

Rupert’s reign at Neve was from 1961 to 1975, and he firmly established what a Neve product should be.  My part in the Neve story started in 1990 when AMS and Neve were part of Siemens. As an engineer myself and with great respect for Rupert’s talents and methods, I have taken his legacy forward for more than 30 years at the time of writing, and the Company combining all these talents, AMS Neve, has been back in private ownership since 1996. This allows the primary focus to be entirely on customers, products and staff without the dead weight of a large impersonal corporation or short-termism.

I am very proud of my incredible team, Company and products, and personally to have been recognised by two Scientific and Technical “Oscars®” for product design and the award of an OBE for services to the Creative and Manufacturing industries.  I continue to lead the team daily with the same passion and enthusiasm that I had when starting my Company 45 years ago.

At AMS Neve, we also engage significantly with the education and skills agenda locally, especially in engineering, science and technology. For example, we enable hands-on engineering lessons for all our town’s primary and secondary school children, now more than 20,000 over the years, to develop the Ruperts, Marks and AMS Neve members of the future. We also engage with more than a dozen Universities and Music Schools to help new professionals along their way.

Finally, thank you to all the legends who have worked with us over the years to focus our products more and more to be the creative tools they rely on and trust to deliver their best work and make all our lives more enjoyable and fulfilling.