Factory Direct Warranty 

Even with the incredible attention to quality and reliable designs that AMS Neve release, unexpected component failures may occur from time to time without warning. If any issues happen during the first three years after purchase*, your investment will be covered by the AMS Neve factory direct warranty. Products that are purchased through the AMS Neve come with a three-year factory directly warranty* (excludes merchandise). 

1.0 Warranty Terms

1.1 This clause 1 contains any failure

(a) of an AMS Neve product in terms of defective materials or workmanship or a failure to provide the facilities set out in it's specification; or
(b) on our part to perform a service with reasonable skill and care.

1.2 Unless otherwise stated in the order confirmation the warranty period for:

(a) any service is 36 months commencing on the date of completion of the performance of the service*;
(b) any new AMS Neve product is 36 months commencing 10 business days after we despatch the AMS Neve product from our premises*;
(c) any AMS Neve product which is not new (such as second hand, reconditioned, factory refurbished, part exchanged or ex-demonstration equipment) is 3 months commencing 10 business days after we despatch the product from our AMS Neve premises;
(d) any replacement part for an AMS Neve product is 3 months commencing 10 business days after we despatch the product from our AMS Neve premises (or, if longer, the expiry of the equipment in which the replacement part is installed).

1.3 For the avoidance of doubt if, after we have agreed with you a delivery date for any AMS Neve product, you subsequently request a postponement of  that delivery date or you fail to take delivery of the AMS Neve Product on the agreed date, the warranty period in respect of that product shall start to run on the date it would have commenced if the AMS Neve product had been dispatched on the date originally agreed.

1.4 If you report a failure of an AMS Neve product or service in writing to us promptly following its discovery and in any event within the warranty period specified in clause 1.2 above (providing us with a description of the failure, system details, serial numbers and such other information, data and other materials as we may reasonably require) we shall investigate the failure and use all reasonable endeavours to remedy it by;

(a) in the case of an AMS Neve product (other than AMS Neve software) replacing the AMS Neve product of the defective part in it or repairing it either at your premises or (if this is not reasonably practicable) at our premises;
(b) in the case of AMS Neve software, providing a solution which (depending on the urgency of the problem) may take the form of a correction in a future program update or a reasonable practical alternative such as a workaround, a temporary correction or a modified or replacement program; or
(c) in the case of a service, undertaking any necessary re-execution of the service.

1.5 The course of action which is adopted by us under clause 1.4 above in any particular case is at our sole discretion

1.6 The equipment and computer software is comprised in products is complex and we give no warranty that its use will be uninterrupted or error free. However, if we are unable to warranty a failure in the manner described in clause 1.4 we will at your written request (and as an alternative to remedying the failure) reduce the price attributable to the AMS Neve product or service exhibiting the failure by such amount as is reasonable and fair to both parties having regard to the nature and effect of the failure.

1.7 We have no obligation under clause 1.4 in relation to any failure caused by:

(a) assembly and installation work undertaken by someone other than us;
(b) failure to comply with our instructions and recommendations including those related to environmental and operating conditions (including space, positioning, installation, ventilation, electrical power, supply, air-conditioning, temperature, dust and humidity control), storage and use;
(c) neglect, misuse of, or wilful and accidental damage to, a product (other than by our employees or sub-contractors);
(d) any computer program, equipment, material or media, which has not been supplied by us;
(e) acts of third parties, atmospheric, chemical, electrical or electro-chemical effects or any force majeure circumstances

1.8 Our obligations under clause 1.4 do not extend to the replacement of parts subject to normal wear and tear and are conditional upon you complying with your obligations under the contract (including paying the price) and upon the product with which the failure is associated not having been repaired or modified by any person other than us or are authorised maintainers.

1.9 In connection with compliance by us with our obligations under clause 1.4 you shall:

(a) give us all the information reasonably available to you which relates to any failure together with the results with any diagnostic tests which we request you to perform;
(b) as and when requested by us, permit our personnel and all others authorised by us, during your normal working hours to enter and work on your premises and to have such access to the product as is reasonably required by us to enable us to inspect it and to carry out our obligations under this clause;
(c) in respect of work to be carried out, provides us free of charge with such lifting equipment, supplies, information, documentation, your personnel and access to the product concerned as we many reasonably require.

1.10 We are entitled to make an additional charge in accordance with our standard scale in charges in force from time to time in respect of time spent, materials used and expenses incurred by us:

(a) in connection to any matter in which you report as a failure but in respect of which it is found that we have no liability under clause 1.4;
(b) because of any failure on your part to comply with your obligations under this clause 13

1.11 It is your responsibility to satisfy yourself that the facilities and functions set out in the specification for a product meet your requirements. We are not liable for any failure of any product to provide and facility and function unless that facility or function is set out in the relevant specification.

1.12 Our obligations set out in clause 1 constitute our entire liability whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, for any defects in any product or service. 

*This applies to customers who buy directly from the AMS Neve webstore and not through our dealer network. This does not apply to registered AMS Neve dealers.