GenesysControl plugin

Analogue - Automated

This exciting DAW plugin for the iconic Neve Genesys and Genesys Black consoles gives DAW users the ability to connect to and control the console’s analogue hardware and also automate the EQ and Dynamics processing parameters, fader levels, channel strip settings and more.


A new and exciting way to control and automate genuine Neve analogue hardware
All of the elements available within the GenesysControl plugin can be fully controlled and automated from your DAW. The GenesysControl plugin can be applied in the DAW to a mono, stereo or master track and can be assigned to control selected channels on the Genesys or Genesys Black console.
The GenesysControl plugin automatically recognises the fitted Genesys analogue processing hardware and allows control & automation of all parameters of the digitally controlled, analogue Neve 1084 EQ, 88R EQ and VCA Dynamics plus Channel strip control, REV Return & 8-Track section control and Master fader control.

Features (Channel strips)

Control & Automation of the following analogue hardware settings;

  • Fitted 1084 or 88R EQ In/Out switching and processing parameter changes
  • Fitted Dynamics In/Out switching and processing parameter changes
  • AUX send In/Out switching
  • Channel path fader levels and CUTs
  • Monitor path fader levels and CUTs
  • Channel INSert IN/Out switching
  • Renaming of 4-character channel large-fader displays

Features (Monitor section)

Control & Automation of the following analogue hardware settings;

  • Reverb Return levels and In/Out switching
  • AUX Master In/Out switching
  • Main mix INSert In/Out switching
  • IMR (Insert mix Return/parallel processing) In/Out switching
  • 8-Track fader level/CUT/INSert switching In/Out
  • Master fader level and CUT on/off
  • Renaming of 4-character 8-Track and Master fader displays
GenesysControl Plugin Installer (Windows)
GenesysControl Plugin Installer (Mac OSX, up to Mojave)
GenesysControl plugin Installer (Mac OSX, Catalina+)

The GenesysControl plugin works only with Genesys software Version 3.5 and above.
The GenesysControl plugin will only work when licensed to a Genesys or Genesys Black console
Click here for instructions on how to check the software version installed on a Genesys console
To request the latest Genesys software, please submit a Console Support form with ‘Latest Genesys Software needed’ selected.
To see the features included in the installed software build, from the Genesys Desktop, click ‘System‘, then ‘Revision Notes'


GenesysControl plugin Licensing details

The Neve GenesysControl plugin is available for a 30-day trial using a Trial License which starts on the date of the trial License Key being generated and sent to the Contact email submitted below. The License Key must be entered into the ‘License’ details in the Neve Genesys Desktop software to activate the trial period for the plugin. During the trial period, the plugin is fully functional. At the end of the trial period, the plugin will cease functioning and a Full License must be purchased and registered with the Genesys or Genesys Black console for continued use. A trial period License Key is free and issued only once per console.

To function, the GenesysControl plugin requires a correctly connected Genesys or Genesys Black console which has a valid license registered to it.
Without a correctly connected & licensed Genesys or Genesys Black console, the plugin will run in standalone mode (the Dynamics meters will increase in cycles) and the controls may be altered but they will have no effect on either the DAW audio/track/automation or the analogue settings in the Genesys or Genesys Black console.

To request a license, please complete the required details below fully , choose the license type and click on ‘SUBMIT‘. Once the request is received, it will be processed during working hours (GMT)

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