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dBs Institute Installs Second Neve Console


dBs Institute of Sound & Digital Technologies has installed a Neve Genesys Black G32 console at their Manchester facility, following the success of the Genesys console at their Plymouth campus.

Since 2015, the Genesys at dBs Plymouth has become a favoured tool among students and staff. The console’s popularity and success were instrumental in influencing the decision to install the Genesys Black at the Manchester campus.

Genesys Black at dBs Institute

The Genesys Black console captured their attention with its features, functionality, and outstanding sound quality. Their familiarity and admiration for the 1073 preamps found in the 500 series racks at their other centres further solidified their choice of the Genesys Black console.

Matt Bernard, Executive Head of Technical Operations and Resources, said: “Neve is the flagship console for us. The name, sound, and quality are synonymous with the pinnacle of audio engineering.”

With 16 dedicated control surface faders, the Genesys Black console offers unparalleled flexibility. This allows staff and students to explore various hybrid workflows, enabling them to develop complex techniques and technical proficiency required in the modern audio industry.


The quick recall functionality also means students can swiftly resume their work and revisit previous sessions, optimising their valuable time in a busy educational environment.

He added: “The console is sophisticated and will allow students to develop more and more complex workflows and develop the technical proficiency needed for the modern audio industry.”

The seamless integration of the Genesys Black console with dBs Institute’s existing Avid MADI interface and HDX rig, complete with digital converters, further enhances its appeal. The console’s central touchscreen ensures seamless DAW monitoring and control, providing an ergonomic workflow for students.

Genesys Black at dBs InstituteMatt explained: “These skills are easily transferable to digital systems and digital audio workstations (DAWs), ensuring a well-rounded education for the students.”

In addition to this, dBs Institute has installed a 1073OPX in the main live room. This front-end recording system complements the Genesys Black’s 1073 preamps.

The 1073OPX’s Dante option enables audio routing to any teaching room through the existing IT infrastructure. It offers eight preamps and a stereo return channel remotely, allowing students to work collaboratively in different locations throughout the facility.

dBs Institute has actively participated in the development of the New Century Hall venue. By connecting eight optical fibre links between the venue’s front of house and stage to their studio floor patch room, they enhance the venue’s capabilities.

Starting in September 2023, the institute’s Live Sound course will be based in the New Century venue during practical sessions, offering students a dynamic learning environment.

Staff members recognise the significance of students gaining experience with the console in live recording sessions. It provides them with a unique opportunity to use the desk differently from the traditional studio recording process.

Jack Taylor, Technician at dBs Institute, said: “Besides the legendary preamps and EQ, which help shape the sound of the recording, the digital control element allows the students to quickly initialise the desk for a live recording session.”

Genesys Black console at dBs Institute

The Genesys Control Plugin is also utilised in live recording sessions as it brings the power and speed of in-the-box workflow while reaping all the benefits of Neve analogue console sound.

He added: “It really opens the desk to students, adding even more usability into the sessions.

“Being able to quickly rename channel strips, swapping between long and short faders, controlling inserts and auxiliaries, and of course, being able to recall all settings when revisiting the session is a huge bonus.”

By introducing students to the Genesys Black console and facilitating live recording sessions, dBs Institute ensures that students understand the nuances between studio and live recording and equips them with the knowledge and confidence to excel as future audio engineers.

Earlier this year, dBs Institute invited Manchester-based Cottons for a live session to showcase the power of the Neve Genesys Black console at their campus in Manchester. Watch the full video:

For more information about the Neve Genesys Black and 1073OPX, please get in touch with the Neve team at