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Genesys Black G32 Installation “A Dream come True” for Novenove Studio


Novenove Studio has installed a Genesys Black G32 in their Milan based studio, describing the addition as ‘a dream come true’. The studio, which comprises of two control rooms and three live rooms, specialises in creating original music as well as soundtracks for television.

Studio owner and composer Alessandro Boriani, who has been in the music production industry for 20 years, recognised the need for an updated studio and Neve was the obvious brand of choice. “The moment we decided to renew our studio by purchasing a mixer, we immediately thought about Neve and the Genesys Black. The Neve brand guarantees quality, appeal and uniqueness”

The Genesys Black G32 was the right solution for the type of productions at Novenove Studio, as Alessandro explains.

“The Genesys Black offers unparalleled quality of its preamplifiers, equalizers and compressors. The excellent integration with the daws via its touch screen has made our life a lot easier.”

Alessandro discussed the impact the total recall has had on his workflow. “The speed in delivering work is essential today.”

“The total recall feature has positively affected our workflow and the instant recall is fundamental for our type of productions,” says Alessandro.

When asked about the impact the Genesys Black has had on Novenove studio, Alessandro replied “The Genesys Black is a dream come true for us. The fact that we’re the first studio to have this mixer in Milan is extra special”

The Genesys Black console was sold through our friends at Funky Junk Italy.

For information about the Neve Genesys Black console, please get in touch with the AMS Neve team at