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Grand Central Unveils New DFC-Equipped Studio Space ‘The Lofts’


Creative sound design and audio post facility Grand Central Recording Studios has installed two AMS Neve DFC Geminis in its new seventh floor studios to be known as The Lofts, making a grand total of six large frame DFC Gemini consoles installed in the Soho-based facility.

The company, founded in London in 1994, mainly works with blue chip advertising clients but has broadened its client base to work worldwide on commercials for broadcast television, radio, online, cinema and cinema trailers. They first turned to AMS Neve in 1996 with the purchase of four Logic 2 consoles, the precursors to the DFC.

GCRS co-owner Ivor Taylor says it was an enormous investment at the time but with hindsight one of their best ever. He said:

“The roots of this are in the history of AMS Neve many years ago, on the one hand, ground-breaking digital mixing technology and on the other unparalleled sonic integrity. The final decision was made by our engineering staff, the front line users working at the coal face so to speak”.

Over the years, the Logic 2 consoles were upgraded, replaced by DFC Geminis. Ivor added: “Reliability and flexibility through those radical upgrades never faltered so it was natural to consider DFCs for the Loft Studios. But it wasn’t just a slam dunk of a decision. We looked long and hard at the excellent offerings from the alternate digital mixing consoles but the DFC, with its unmatched sonic integrity, proven upgradability and excellent reliability was our final choice”.

GCRS describes The Lofts as an aspirational new studio space, designed to provide maximum comfort, calm and the very best in audio experience, with both studios having access to panoramic roof terraces.

For information about the AMS Neve DFC Gemini console, please get in touch with the AMS Neve team at