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Stefano Lentini’s achievement of creating the first Italian soundtrack to penetrate the Global Viral Spotify charts has a little help from the 33609/N and the 8803.

Stefano Lentini looking into the distance

In the world of music composition and film scoring, there are few milestones as significant as achieving international recognition and breaking through into global charts. Composer Stefano Lentini accomplished just that with his groundbreaking work on the soundtrack of the Italian series “The Sea Beyond” (Mare Fuori).

Stefano Lentini, a renowned composer and musician who previously contributed to the soundtrack of “The Grandmaster”, was entrusted with composing the soundtrack for three seasons of the Italian series prison drama. The critically acclaimed series is available on Netflix, where it’s comfortably been nestled in the top ten list for over eighteen weeks. It’s also streaming on Rai Italian Television’s network, HBO Max in Latin America and Disney Plus in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. The immense success of The Sea Beyond has offered Stefano an unparalleled canvas to showcase his musical prowess. The result? The first Italian soundtrack to ascend to the Global Viral Spotify charts.

The Sea Beyond’s Main Title Song (‘O Mar For) captured viewers’ hearts and dominated music streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music, marking the first time an Italian Main Title Song achieved such recognition. Stefano was handed a double Platinum Record for his exceptional contribution, while other songs from the soundtrack registered millions of streams.

On Spotify alone, the soundtrack of “The Sea Beyond” achieved an astonishing 50 million streams, setting a new benchmark in the history of Italian film music.

Stefano’s innovative approach to blending the sacred with the profane and merging classical elements with pop sensibilities struck a chord with audiences worldwide.

Stefano Lentini

Stefano’s creative process relies heavily on the quality and versatility of his audio equipment. His audio chain features the Neve 33609/N and 8803 units. These units are the backbone of his production process, guiding the music from recording to mastering.

In Stefano’s own words:

“These Neve racks are reliable and help build a solid sound, which is something I want. I like to work alone on the first phases of a soundtrack; I record everything flat. Then I use my racks to process the sound of the main instruments and bring them to the mix with the right colors.”

Stefano Lentini with the Neve 33609/N and 8803

Stefano Lentini with the Neve 33609/N and 8803

When asked how Neve influences his movie music production, Stefano expressed, “Everything I use is instrumental, there are no set rules because I try to create something magic, a sound that surprises, is different, and for that I need a diversity of tools. Neve is safe and it supports me when I direct the sound to where I can stop and listen”

Stefano Lentini’s achievement of creating the first Italian soundtrack to penetrate the Global Viral Spotify charts is a tribute to his talent. It highlights how the combination of artistic vision and cutting-edge technology can captivate audiences around the globe.

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