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This small footprint, versatile console majors on connectivity, giving users complete and fast control of their sessions without compromising on sound quality. Legendary 80-series Neve sound, 4 groups, 24 channel faders.
Stock Status: Reserve Yours Now
This small footprint, versatile console majors on connectivity, giving users complete and fast control of their sessions without compromising on sound quality. Legendary 80-series Neve sound, 4 groups, 24 channel faders.
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Product Information
  • Two Inputs Per Channel – Seamlessly switch from Mix to Record Inputs at the push of a button
  • Third channel strip Input for dual-layer use
  • Mix up to 48 Mono Signals at once
  • Marinair® Transformers on Mix, AFL, CUE bus for true Neve voltage mixing 
  • 80 - series Neve® sound in a compact frame 
  • Large format console Centre Section. Multiple speaker sets, dual Cue system and three-way talkback system
  • Internal Snapshot system to Save/Load multiple all console settings across multiple sessions
  • 500 series slots for internal expansion options  
  • 1073® preamps and DI inputs with Smart Routing for recording in the live or Control room 
  • In-Line Console capability 
  • 25-way D-Type and Balanced Jack Inputs on rear and on front for a combination of simple and professional I/O Connection 
  • The 8424 is designed to connect to and utilise all of your instruments and outboard equipment, becoming the centrepiece of your studio

Connect. Compose. Create. 

The Neve® 8424 – A small format console with a large format sound based on the iconic 80-series console range.

Legendary 80-series Neve sound, 4 groups, 24 channel faders

The 8424 console is designed to fit the needs of the modern hybrid studio where the speed of in-the-box workflow is enhanced with the ultimate sound quality of analogue outboard gear. Designed to be straightforward and accessible to all, this versatile and powerful desk provides a centralised platform with unparalleled connectivity, facilitating an ergonomic link between the linear analogue processing world of outboard gear, analogue synths and instruments, to the digital world of DAW workflow, software plugins and session recall.

Capitalising on Neve's sixty years of technical heritage and highly revered analogue circuit design, the British-designed 8424 fits perfectly into many different applications. Whether you're a music producer or an artist with your own project studio, the owner of a small professional audio facility or the person in charge of an educational facility, this compact, budget-conscious desk delivers everything you need to record, mix, monitor and master music quickly, marrying Neve’s revered sonic excellence with the speed and flexibility for todays connected workflows.


The 8424’s dual-input channel strip allows for seamless switching between recording and mixing inputs without additional patching. Simple input connectivity via 24 line level inputs, dual 1073® preamps and dual Instrument DI channels makes the 8424 the perfect console for artists to effortlessly connect and record their instruments. Multiple performers can record directly in the control room by taking advantage of the 8424’s dual cue mix system with talkback/return talkback capability and dual headphone amplifiers.


The 8424 offers the ultimate analogue summing platform with 24 DAW returns on the channel faders or, for larger DAW sessions, a 48-Mix mode that allows a total of 48 mono inputs with individual level and pan controls to be mixed through the 8424’s Marinair® transformer-coupled stereo mix bus. Engineers can take advantage of the 8424’s mono and stereo aux busses to connect to their favourite outboard FX units and route them back into the console’s two dedicated stereo reverb returns. Four mono groups with 2-band shelving EQ, Inserts and Direct Outs make this console ideal for stem mixing. The 8424 stereo mix bus gives true voltage mixing into Marinair® transformers as found in the legendary Neve 80-series consoles, while additional features such as stereo insert, 2-band shelving EQ and Neve’s proprietary Stereo Width control give engineers, artists and producers all of the tools they need to create polished, professional recordings.


Each channel, group and stereo mix bus has its own switchable insert point, giving a level of connectivity to analogue outboard units only found on large-format consoles. Dual on-board 500 series slots allow engineers to customise their signal chain and build a modular hybrid recording system, all connected and centralised through the 8424 console.

The 8424 has an on-board Snapshot feature which further integrates the console into the modern hybrid studio workflow. This unique feature enables this pure analogue console to save, load, and recall all settings, faders and pot positions for each DAW session. With this unrestricted workflow, engineers can take advantage of all analogue features without the added worry of losing console settings and wasting valuable studio time.

Classic, but with a modern twist, the 8424’s name alone references so much that is iconic about the Neve brand, delivering Neve 80 series voltage mixing sound (thanks to the Marinair® Transformers), plus four mono groups and, of course, 24 channel faders.


The optional 8424 automation package replaces the consoles analogue faders with 24 motorised channel faders, four motorised group faders and one motorised stereo mix fader. This upgrade transforms this pure analogue console into a fully integrated DAW controller, connecting to all your favourite DAW's with the capability of connecting to multiple DAW's, at the same time. 

The new automation panel is complete with full transport control section, snap to marker mode, and DAW pan, send, and plugin control via HUI. The new scribble strip option, across all 24 channels, groups and mix faders, offers easy navigation when switching between DAW sessions. Automation keys are easily accessible from the console surface - making switching between analogue and in-the-box-mixing seamless.

Active fader mode harnesses the power of DAW automation, transposing in-the-box fader positions and automation assignments onto the analogue levels of the console. This complete automation package combines the best of pure Neve analogue sound and modern hybrid workflow

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Thomas Statnick - North Carolina, USA

Awesome console!

The 8424 was my first purchase of Neve equipment, and I bought it because of its large number of I/O channels, the save/recall feature, its signal routing flexibility, and the need to leverage my large amount of non-500-series outboard gear. I’ve been using the 8424 for over a month now, and am impressed by the sound quality for both tracking and mixing, the ease-of-use, and the efficiencies its brought to my production workflow. I track using the 8424’s inline mixing function so I can monitor what I’m printing to the DAW, and then mix with 24 or 48 channels from the DAW, patched in effects returns, paralleled sounds, etc. The combination of this console and a high channel count DAW interface yields awesome capabilities and efficiencies, and the master and save/recall functions provided by the services screen make working with this complexity extremely simple and quick. Listening to final mixes through a mastering system yields a detailed soundstage with a modern and warm timbre. The 8424 has improved the way I work, and sounds amazing!