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Home Studio Turns Pro with Genesys G32 Console


California-based recording facility Yaniv’s Studio is the dream project of Yaniv Farber, also known as the longtime proprietor of Sandy Ceramic and Stone in Southern California. In the decades spent building up his business, Farber was diligently recording in a home space.

When the time was right, a few years ago, to take the plunge and create a professional studio space, Yaniv turned to GC Pro. The studio features a great collection of microphones, preamps and outboard gear, and recently Farber made another big leap: he upgraded his studio by installing the Neve Genesys G32 console, featuring 32 inputs, 16 Neve 1073 mic pres, eight 88R EQs, eight 1084 EQs and 16 VCA compressors.

“We can do live sessions here, and it’s a great-sounding room to record in, so I am doing a lot of tracking of trios and smaller groups, all the way up to very large bands or sometimes just a vocal session,” stated Farber. “As work picked up, it was clear to me that the time was right to move to a more powerful console. I explored a few options, but after testing out some different products, the Neve Genesys was the clear solution for what I needed.”

Farber has been able to streamline his workflow with the new console.

“With the Genesys, I got it pre-loaded with EQs and compressors – as a result, the audio doesn’t route around to different components as much as it used to, so there is more integrity of sound, and more headroom overall.

It gives me a stronger ability to really tweak the sound, and it makes recording and capturing audio a real pleasure. Also, I really appreciate the recall ability when mix time comes around. I’m pleased with every aspect of it. And when a client steps in the room, the Genesys sends a very strong message that they are in a truly professional facility with someone who takes his work – and their music – very seriously.”

For information about the Neve Genesys console, please get in touch with the AMS Neve team at